About MeSuccess & Business Coach for Unstoppable Women

Hello, I’m HannahA Force of Nature

Hello, I’m Hannah…80s music enthusiast, constantly distracted by strangers dogs and super excitable entrepreneur. When I’m not chasing people down the street to stroke their dogs with Tears For Fears blaring out of my headphones, I’m a success and business coach.

I coach unstoppable women like you. Women who have a great business idea but are overwhelmed by all of the freebies they’ve downloaded and don’t know where to start. Women who have started to make some sales, but are super burnt out from juggling their side hustle with their 9-5 and want to make the leap to full-time badass business woman. And women who already have a successful business but are struggling to hit that next big milestone (four day work week rather than every-waking-hour work week; grabbing your laptop and working from anywhere in the world; busting that next income barrier).

I’m an unstoppable optimist and also a huge cynic. I believe everything is going to work out in the end, but I am going to do all the practical stuff to make sure it does. For my coaching style, this means I love some mindset stuff but with zero woo-woo, I don’t believe money is going to come to you if you screw your eyes shut tight enough. But I most definitely know that how we feel about ourselves, our businesses and the world, runs through everything we do and will significantly impact our success. It also means I am super practical, the women I work with aren’t wishing for big changes in their businesses, they’re going out there getting real, results-driven work done to make massive things happen.

My Professional BackgroundWhat I’ve Done. Why I know Stuff.

My background, in case my glowing personality isn’t enough to qualify me to diagnose your business woes…

  • I studied Economics & Business Studies at UCL (oh and hands up, this was an incredibly dry subject and in my third year I transferred over to a faculty degree so I could do some fun stuff)
  • After graduating, I stumbled into a Marketing Agency job because I honestly didn’t know what I wanted to do and marketing sounded interesting.
  • Marketing is actually super interesting and I love it now, but, I hated my job, I would go into the neighbouring carpark, behind a big pillar and phone my Mum crying, or just scream into my coat.
  • I very quickly realised I was not made for working for other people. I wanted to be in total control of my own success and development, not at the mercy of someone else’s assessment of my value.
  • I started my own wedding photography business and just viewed my day job as a very miserable way to qualify for all the finance I was buying my new equipment on.
  • Within 7 months of photographing my first wedding, I had triumphantly handed my notice in (seriously, handing it in felt like one of those fist bumping the air moments from a film, complete with cheesy soundtrack).
  • By the end of my first full-time year in business I had earned more than double what I earned in my day job. I had moved out of home (ahead of all my friends, just saying…), replaced the deathtrap I was driving with a car I loved (and only just got rid of when it well and truly failed).
  • For the last 8 years I have run a thriving wedding photography business, which has allowed me the lifestyle I want – big 6 month breaks to go travel the world, a flat of my own, more travelling, total freedom – financial, obviously, but also the chance to choose who I want to work with, when I want to work, how I work.
  • I am an SEO expert and have spent £0 on advertising in the last 4 years. All thanks to being front page of Google. In fact, I’ve consistently turned away enough leads to book myself out 4 times over…without any ad spend.
  • I’m a Certified Life Coach, specialising in goal setting because I know how our own shit can make or break our businesses. Oh and don’t worry, there’s zero woo-woo here.
  • I launched Force of Nature Coach because running a business has been the best thing I’ve ever done. I feel so so strongly about empowering women to have the courage and skills to launch their own businesses and take massive control of their lives.
  • In my first 3 months of business, I was featured in NBC, Business Insider, Business.com, Reader’s Digest and many more publications as a small business and SEO expert.

What’s with the name?Why Force of Nature?

To be honest, when I look back at the 21 year old who made this really simple and quiet statement that she was going to run her own business, I’m kind of in awe of her. She made this life-changing decision with incredibly little drama. And then she just went out there and did it, pushed through all the uncertainty, rejections, overwhelm, the incredibly steep learning curve and the obscenely long days to become a successful business woman.

Going to stop talking about myself in third person now…

Was I an exceptional photographer? No, I was fine, but nothing spectacular. Did I have a load of entrepreneurial role models and mentors? Nope, none, I don’t think I knew anyone who ran their own business. Did I have financial backing or support? No. What I did have was a natural sense for business and a whole lot of determination. Endless, unwavering focus on where I was going. Even when it all seemed so hard.

This is why I work with women to make them feel unstoppable…because if you feel unstoppable, if you are a force of nature, you will just power through all the inevitable bad days, mistakes and knock-backs. You’ll even keep going when everyone around you doubts you, when all the voices in your head are telling you this is a stupid idea and why did you even think you could do this. Because you’ll just know. And you’ll reach a point where everyone around you, including all those mean girls in your head, believe that you are unstoppable. And along the way you’ll experience huge, life-changing success, both in your business and in yourself.