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Digital MinisGet Your Website Working For You

Is your website working for you, like, really really working for you? Is it getting you found by the right people? Are they so pre-sold on you by the time you talk that you’ve basically got no more work to do? Chances are, it’s probably not and you’re probably thinking, “oh yeah, I’ll get to that at the end of my to do list,” or maybe you haven’t even launched your website because you’re worried it’s not perfect (hey, if you’re doing this, just get something simple up right now – done is totally better than perfect).

My Digital Minis help you get your website sorted, with SEO and website/branding help.

Tech-Free SEO

My marketing budget (with the exception of website upkeep) has been £0 for the last four years thanks to SEO.

Ranking on the front page has meant I'm in front of clients before anyone else and they're landing on my super bold website right at their beginning of their hunt. If I'm for them, they don't need to go any further.

I know SEO seems confusing and kind of boring. You don't want to be writing code or learning all the jargon.

The thing is, I love SEO, once you get it, it's simple and intuitive and will massively change your business.

My online Tech-Free (well, as low-tech as possible) SEO course spells everything out step-by-step to start getting Google to point your ideal clients to you.


Website & Branding Reviews

Your website is everything. I mean, if you have no website, do you even exist?

And yet so many businesses aren't using their websites to their full potential. I can nearly guarantee you're leaving money on the table.

A great website should pre-sell clients on you. They should be begging you to work with them chasing you if it takes more than an hour for you to reply to them.

Having honed my websites over the years, I've seen first hand the upswing in enquiries and the quality when my website is fine tuned.

Website and branding reviews let me jump on your website and find all the areas you can tweak and appeal better to your ideal clients.