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Learn MoreSuccess and business coaching for unstoppable women

Success and business coaching for women who want to take their first steps into running their own business, or want to take the leap with their side hustle and ditch the day job.

I work with unstoppable women who run their own businesses. Maybe you’re feeling a little less unstoppable than you’d like, that’s what I’m here for. I know from experience that running my own business has been lonely at times; overwhelming at others (I mean, it’s basically ten jobs in one – first you’ve actually got to do your job, then there’s the admin, the accounts, the marketing, the business planning, then if you get ill for a day your whole year is thrown off…!); but always super amazing. I love being totally responsible for my own success and knowing that my only limitations are the ones I put on myself.

Coaching with me is like going shopping with that one friend who tells you that, “oh no, that definitely doesn’t suit you,” and then goes and finds something a million times better. There’s no sugar-coating, but there’s a whole lot of humour and empathy. Having run my own business for the last 8 years, I have experienced all the incredible things running my own business can do and the power it gives me over my life. I can create that for you – usually my coaching is a mix of straightforward practical advice (copy proofing, marketing, branding, SEO, systems and workflows, finding your ideal clients and really speaking to them, staying motivated and productive when working from home/alone), with some super low woo-woo mindset work – I’m not going to tell you to go imagine your bank account is full and it will happen, but, we all know that we stand in our own ways – I’ve had to work hard on my own self-sabotaging (I went through a phase of just not answering the phone because I was “too busy”, just leaving money on the table because I thought I couldn’t cross a certain income threshold) – and I can guide you through this too – self-sabotage, imposter syndrome and just generally not taking our place as experts are huge plagues on female entrepreneurs, I have lived through them all and come out the other side and I never want a woman to not get there just because she’s holding herself back.

My absolute favourite way to work is one-to-one, so this is all I offer. We’ll dig into exactly what your goals are (tell me about the house, the pets, the holiday’s, the industry awards…everything); what’s holding you back and practical steps to get there. You’ll leave your sessions with solid, actionable steps for the week ahead, as well as some thoughts to work on. I’ll be at the end of an email for on-going check ins and reviews of any marketing materials you’re going live with. I’m basically like a friend that’s done it all before so you don’t have to…and the investment you make in me will send this huge statement to you and everyone else that you mean business and you are a force of nature.

How It WorksSo…what exactly should you expect?

So much clarity

  • Clarity on where you want your business and your life to be
  • Clear, achievable goals
  • A highly doable action plan, broken into manageable, easy steps so you can tick them off the list and build up loads of momentum

All The Practical Stuff

  • All the systems - you know, that boring stuff that makes you 10x more productive and kills that “in the weeds” overwhelm when things get busy
  • Super sexy (hmm) business planning
  • Pricing - what the f*** to charge and how to present it
  • Budgetting, taxes, registering your company, when/if to outsource

branding, marketing & Sales

  • Identifying your ideal customer and making them believe you’re the only one for them
  • Branding and consistency
  • Turning your website into a selling machine
  • SEO (without all the tech language)
  • Online and offline advertising/marketing
  • Ick-free selling
  • Networking for introverts or people who just feel a bit sick at the idea of introducing themselves to a room full of strangers

The Mindset Bit

  • How to stop taking shit personally - dealing with knockbacks and rejections without losing sleep
  • Breaking through your income barriers and messy money stuff
  • Juggling a multi-passionate lifestyle without burnout
  • Work/home life balance
  • Ditching imposter syndrome
  • How to get out of hustle town and find stability
  • Believing in those “unrealistic” dreams and reaching for those, not those puny little dreams you’ve been unenthusiastically hustling to reach

Work With MeLet’s Do This

COURSE TO SUCCESS (1:1 Coaching)

My absolute favourite. On-going one-to-one coaching and mentoring via video chat (or, if that’s not your thing, in person, drink in hand, in/around St Albans).

Why is this the best? You get continued support and reassessment of your goals throughout your progress with the bonus of super positive friend and accountability partner.

We’ll jump start our relationship with a 2 hour deep dive into your goals and what we can achieve right now, and then we’ll be spending an hour a week/fortnight creating solid plans for the week ahead to achieve your end goal.

 The great thing here is that we can focus on anything you need – from business planning, super practical marketing, to crushing imposter syndrome and feeling like a bad ass.

Of course, I’ll be there for regular check-ins throughout the week, including keeping you updated with what I’m listening to while I work (keeping the feel good going with podcasts and desk dancing music).

Your course lasts as long as you need – we’ll figure out exactly what fits with your goals when you book in your free chat. Typically, I work with my clients for a minimum of 8 weeks but 6 months is the sweet spot.

  • 2 hour on-boarding session to get to know your business and set exciting goals
  • Weekly hour-long coaching sessions
  • Weekly personalised action plans based on our coaching
  • Business planning session
  • Website & SEO reviews (if required)
  • Access to my resources lists and my personal network
  • On-going email support between coaching sessions
  • Structure & accountability in your day-to-day
  • Mindset techniques that will improve both your business and personal life
  • Customised business advice to help you smash your goals, in whatever form that takes (all of the above and hell of a lot more)

THE JUMP START (Intensives)

You know, like a car…! Fact – I have never successfully jump started a car, despite numerous attempts with my now retired old car. Ahem, anyway…

So, you’re running a business and it’s kind of super awesome and you’re sure you’re on the right track, but, argh, it’s just tumbleweeds in your inbox, or you’re just super anxious about your offerings.

The Jump Start is a half/full day coaching session where we go over exactly where you are right now – identify your goals, what’s working and what’s not and create a plan for you to go put into action and hit the road again.

The Jump Start can also be used to dig into one particular subject. My clients love using this session to get clear on their ideal clients and how to talk to them like you’re the only one for them.

  • The Half Day Jump Start includes 4 hours of coaching via video chat or in person (in/around St Albans)
  • The Full Day Jump Start includes a full day (8 hours) of coaching and planning via video chat or in person (in/around St Albans)
  • 2x 30 minute follow up calls over the next month (Full Day only) – this is a great time to run any copy, ads, or branding past me and review how you’re feeling about the plan.
  • A business diagnostic to quickly identfiy the main areas that need attention
  • A clear, practical action plan for your business going forward
  • Website & SEO reviews (if required)
  • Customised business advice for your goals

Let’s Chat About Where You’re Going

We’re going to get down and dirty together so it’s important we’re a good fit. I love to chat with everyone before we even think about booking in some hardcore coaching.

Our chat will be an hour, we’ll start to get some real clarity on your goals and what the big obstacles are. We’ll figure out some solid, actionable steps that you can take right now to get you closer to those goals (if you’re me, that’s a huge garden full of pets that are totally illegal in the UK – I’m looking at you, raccoons!).

By the end of the call, we’ll know if we’re a good fit and most likely be super excited to start working together the following week.