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Yay, you’re here!

You want to make REAL money, take a whole lot of zero guilt holidays and live the Scrooge McDuck dream (I’m talking bathing in your basement gold pool)…

And you want to be free to choose who you work with and when. No more working with anyone just for the money.


Right now you want…

  • More clients – the kind that are the most fun and leave you energised not drained
  • To know what to do, rather than doing all the things, being tied to your laptop and phone and crossing your fingers

So…who are you?

  • A creative or wedding business owner (photographers, designers, coaches, healers, all those good things and more…)
  • Riding that rollercoaster of doom – you know the one where one minute you’ve got a whole lot of enquiries and you’re busy, busy…and the next literally nothing is happening and you’re off posting obsessively on social media wondering if that’s even where your clients are
  • Hella ambitious and money motivated – I agonised over this for a long time – did I really want to make a statement that only people who want to make bank can work with me? I know there are other ways to measure success, but, money is the easiest one, it will also let you live the life you want and be a force for good in the world (you know, if you want…personally I just want to smuggle a black market raccoon into the UK as an insta-friendly pet)
  • You want more clients in a consistent and repeatable way – you’re sick of worrying about where your next client is coming from and pondering what “normal jobs” you’re qualified for if you don’t get some money in soon
  • You want total ownership over your success – if you’re bad at asking for help, you’re my people, I’m a recovering lone wolf. Don’t worry, hiring a coach in no way means that you’re not 100% responsible for all those clients you’re going to serve or that money you’re going to blow on a gaudy weekend in Vegas
  • And to that point…you’re willing to do the work. This is a collaboration. I’ll give you the tools, I’ll even help you get your brain in gear so it’s ready to do the work. But, don’t you be coming to me expecting to get a business in a box, that’s not what I’m about. We’re going to create a business that works for you together and you’re going to walk away with the skills to keep repeating and growing that success well after our coaching relationship is over

Hannah is a warm, friendly and witty person. She helped me gain some clarity with goals and I had a real giggle while doing so. I found her to be efficient, an excellent listener and she asks questions that help you figure out what you want for yourself or question and explore the answer you’re giving. I really recommend talking to Hannah if you would like to gain clarity around your career/ business and where it’s heading next! – Lisa, Pet Services

How it works

It’s mega simple. I do one thing…I coach one-to-one. That means you get my undivided attention for an hour a week, plus additional email support.

When you coach with me, I guide you through my signature programme of marketing strategy and mindset coaching.

Get in touch and tell me a little about your business…or don’t do that but tell me your favourite cheesy song, so that I can have that pumping in the background when I reply to you.

We’ll have a little chat and book a time to video chat for some screen-to-screen action. We’ll talk about where you’re at, where you’re going and how coaching can help you get more clients. I’ll be totally honest with you and advise you on whether coaching is a great fit and if so, what kind of relationship will suit your business right now – I always meet you where you’re at and fight for where you’re going.

What You GetSo…what exactly should you expect?

More clients. I feel like I’ve been saying this a lot.

The joy of my coaching process is you get what you need to get more clients. No more and no less. Now, maybe you want more because we always want more. But, part of the process is taking you to should rehab, so you can start to use your time effectively, rather than totally scatter-gun. You don’t need more. More information, more options and more ideas are probably a huge part of the reason you don’t have more clients. This is going to be simple.

But, I know you still want to know what you get so, things I work on with my clients include…

So much clarity

  • Clarity on where you want your business and your life to be
  • Clear, achievable goals
  • A highly doable action plan, broken into manageable, easy steps so you can tick them off the list and build up loads of momentum

All The Practical Stuff

  • All the systems - you know, that boring stuff that makes you 10x more productive and kills that “in the weeds” overwhelm when things get busy
  • Super sexy (hmm) business planning
  • Pricing - what the f*** to charge and how to present it
  • Budgetting, taxes, registering your company, when/if to outsource

branding, marketing & Sales

  • SEO (tech-free, fun and front page worthy)
  • Identifying your ideal customer and making them believe you’re the only one for them
  • Branding and consistency
  • Turning your website into a selling machine
  • Online and offline advertising/marketing
  • Ick-free selling
  • Networking for introverts or people who just feel a bit sick at the idea of introducing themselves to a room full of strangers

The Mindset Bit

  • How to stop taking shit personally - dealing with knockbacks and rejections without losing sleep
  • Breaking through your income barriers and messy money stuff
  • Juggling a multi-passionate lifestyle without burnout
  • Work/home life balance
  • Ditching imposter syndrome
  • How to get out of hustle town and find stability
  • Believing in those “unrealistic” dreams and reaching for those, not those puny little dreams you’ve been unenthusiastically hustling to reach

Work With MeLet’s Do This

What now?

Aren’t you feeling positively nauseous by now, hanging around on that client rollercoaster? Are you ready for more clients? And clients that are the most fun, pay you more and refer business your way? Well then, you’re ready to board that rocket to booked out. Wait, in this analogy am I the rocket?!

Hit me up here to chat about getting more clients and making more money.

Let’s chat

“It has been such a pleasure working with Hannah…She made it feel really easy to do and created a plan that was manageable and above all, successful! I was so impressed with her ability and positivity during our meetings and I would recommend her to anyone.” – Rosanna, Financial Advisers