Success & Business Coaching forUnstoppable Women

What I DoHelping Small Business Women Become Unstopabble

Hello female entrepreneurs and business owners! I’m Hannah, a success and business coach in St Albans working exclusively with unstoppable women. If you want to launch a new business, take your side hustle full-time or you’re aiming higher in your business, but you’re not sure how to get there, I’m your girl. I’ve been right where you are, I’ve been an entrepreneur pretty much all my working life and I’ve tried all the things, made all the mistakes and experienced all the triumphs. The good news is, I’ve done it all, so you can simply jump on a call and get to where you’re going twice as fast.

I help women take massive control over their lives by creating the business of their dreams and becoming unstoppable. iq options

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WHO YOU AREUnstoppable

If you’re anything like I used to be, you have huge dreams of being the go-to in your field, maybe you listen to podcasts and daydream about being the next person they interview, but, you’re probably keeping these dreams a secret. Just like I pretend that I’ve grown out of singing into my hairbrush in the bathroom (except, actually, I have curly hair so I don’t brush my hair, I just hold my fist in front of my face).

Maybe you’re getting bogged down in the day-to-day, waiting for a breather so you can finally do some “business stuff” and then six months has passed and you’re no further to hitting your dream growth.
Maybe you’re finding it kind of lonely being at home all day with no colleagues to compare notes with.
Or maybe you’re just procrastinating hard at home and wondering how anyone gets anything done when you can watch Netflix all day.
Maybe you’re so focused on what you could be doing better or worrying about where the next client is coming from, that you’re not celebrating your victories.
Maybe (definitely) you are super amazing at what you do, but, you’re frustrated that running a business takes you away from the bits you love…you want to keep the clients flowing in without too much effort, simple systems that stop emails eating up your whole day and to feel like you’re just as much of a business badass as you are at the stuff you’re actually getting paid for.

Whatever it is, I have most definitely been there. Running a business can, at times, be brutal. It’s so personal. And it’s such a big ask that you become an expert at 20 different things.
I get it. This is what I do – make everything simple, manageable and whole lot more successful. Most importantly, I make you feel unstoppable. Or rather…I make you unstoppable.


The DetailsHow you’re going to smash your goals

  • Step 1: Set Exciting Goals

    Do you actually know exactly where you’re going? I know, it sounds super obvious, right? You know you want to be successful, maybe you just want to stop worrying about money, launch a business or quit your day job. But our first step is to get real specific about what you want, where you’re going and why. It’s the same reason it’s easy (easier) to lose weight when you have a big holiday coming up and a suitcase full of clothes you can’t quite zip up, rather than losing weight just because.

  • Step 2: Get Your Brain on Board

    OK, so, I don’t think that if you dream hard enough that you’ll reach your goals. But, what I do know is that we all get in our own way. I am a recovering self-saboteur. We work on your mindset in a no BS way, to understand why you’re procrastinating, how to break through fear and how to be that person in the room everyone wants to talk to.

  • Step 3: All The Practical Stuff

    Oh yeah…that…business planning, managing your time, marketing, branding, finding your ideal customers and making them dream about you, manging your finances, taxes, budgeting, customer services, pricing. You know, all the bits that actually help you have that dream business and feel amazing about it.